On Being a Monk – Part 7 – 8/2006 – 1hr 21min – MP3 – 18.7 MB
My interview with Rev. Nori Ito a priest at The Los Angeles Higashi Honganji Buddhist Temple. We talk about his life and work
as a priest at a Pure Land Temple in Los Angeles. Growing up in Los Angeles as a Buddhist Japanese American, his school
years, meeting his wife and his Buddhist ordination. How he started a Buddhist club at Occidental College, his work
with the Los Angeles Buddhist/Catholic Dialogue and taking students to Hiroshima and Nagasaki to introduce
them to the horrors of the atomic bomb and nuclear war. Web Site: Higashi Honganji Buddhist Temple

On Being a Monk – Part 3 – 3/2006 – 33min – MP3 – 7.5 MB
My interview with the web master of BuddhaNet.net Ven. Pannyavaro on being a Buddhist,
a monk, a web master and his new project "Bodhi Tree" monastery and retreat center.
I first met Ven. Pannyavaro in 1998 at the World Fellowship of Buddhist conference
in Australia and again a few weeks ago at UCLA. I asked him if I could
interview him about his web site, his new project "Bodhi Tree,"
how he found Buddhism and why he became a monk. Many
thanks to Ven. Pannyavaro for his time, his wisdom
and his web site. (www.BuddhaNet.net)

On Being a Monk – Part 2 – 3/2006 – 52min – MP3 – 10.8 MB
My interview with Rev. Eko Little the abbot of Shasta Abbey a Zen Buddhist monastery, on
what it’s like to be a Buddhist, a monk and the abbot. Many thanks to Rev. Eko
for his time and wisdom. For more on Shasta Abbey please visit:
also see (Monastic Conference)

Dharma Talks with Kusala Bhikshu